Blocks and Cement

“A bottle of water to start with.” He said to the waitress, returning her overemphasized smile with a curt one. She tried to take the menu but he placed a hand on it. “My date will soon arrive.” She tried to mask her disappointment with an even wider smile but he had already seen it. … More Blocks and Cement


So I lied, sue me. You would have lied too if you were in my situation. Here I was, having a nice drive around town with my husband when out of nowhere, my past decides to come a-knocking. We had just left the hospital from an antenatal appointment. I was thirty five weeks in and … More Untruth


Her lips quivered as she struggled to get the words out. She was so nervous I actually felt sorry for her. You would not know it from my expressionless face though. In fact, I suspect my stare probably did not help matters as she averted her eyes, and fiddled with the hem of her skirt. … More Unsuitable