He let out a deep sigh. He had heard her after all. “Alemana, people will notice.” “That doesn’t matter.” She said quietly but firmly. “It might be a little unusual but it is not uncommon.” “Well,” he sighed. “If that is what you want. But I hope you don’t get offended if someone decides to … More Fury


Broken mirror pieces can be glued back together, but the cracks remain. Helen blinked in confusion. Obviously she had not heard him right. “Come again?” “I said, why didn’t you tell me she was not your biological daughter? I mean, sure you are her mother if you raised her but we are talking about a … More Unjust


Timeyin stared at his reflection for a few seconds, then shook his head as he turned on the tap. He splashed water on his face twice and stared some more. “Bloody idiot” he said to his reflection, his jaw hardening. He did not realise how hard he was gripping the restroom sink on either side … More Apathy

Blocks and Cement

“A bottle of water to start with.” He said to the waitress, returning her overemphasized smile with a curt one. She tried to take the menu but he placed a hand on it. “My date will soon arrive.” She tried to mask her disappointment with an even wider smile but he had already seen it. … More Blocks and Cement