The half moon looked like the smile of a Cheshire cat as it hung lazily in the sky. Philip stared up at it and smiled, then returned his attention to his diminishing dinner. Everything seemed beautiful these days, thanks to the scrumptious meals that had been blessing his palates for the last few months. As … More Lurking

The Devil

I felt my phone buzz somewhere underneath the covers. I did not bother to reach for it. It was most likely my mother or my best friend, Ure, and I did not want to speak to either. I did not want to speak to anyone. It was not that I did not feel like talking; … More The Devil

My Gift, My Curse

“No lick am!” my mother scolded again, this time adding a smack to my shoulder as she continued applying lipstick to my lips. Who could blame me? I was twelve, and it tasted fruity. “Where we dey go?” I asked innocently, knowing that it had to be a very special occasion as my mother ordinarily … More My Gift, My Curse